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                              Our Founding Mission 

                 To liberate people spiritually, mentaly                                       physically emotionally and financialy. 

             May all creatures be free from limiting beliefs.


   ..and I say unto thee that the light is for all time, the love is for all        Woman and Man


Welcome to Christ Truth Trust. Our non- profit organization is born out of a quest for truth about our world we live in and co -create with.

We offer consulting to our students in the key areas of life including good money management, peaceful harmony with the outside world,  and  the blessings that multiply when you follow truth from the good in the world.  


... and,  unto Yea I say  The Light is for all time, and the Love is for all Woman, Man.

Our Mission

Our founding Mission) is to liberate people spiritually physically and financially. 

That all  creatures be free from limiting beliefs.

Get Involved

Join us as we council you and our students in the ways of good money management, peaceful spiritual journeys and a multitude of blessings when you follow that which is good in the world.


We are able to offer this work largely due to people like you who donate.

All donations go to the this Mission .

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